Monday, June 13, 2011

June 13th 2011

Grace & Peace to each of you in America,
Let me get it over with up front,"Overwhelming"
Our travels to Rwanda allowed God to demonstrate His grace.
We saw God miraculously work in several circumstances, including allowing us to not miss a connection which would have added several hours on to our trip.
Pastor Al, Kathy, Lovena, Steve, and Pastor Roger really enjoyed getting to know each other during the travel time(though Pastor Al was doing a lot of catch up on sleep!)
Our plane could not initially land at Kigali because of severe lightning storms, so we were diverted to Entebbe, Uganda but we were up and going back to Rwanda within an hour.
After going to bed at 1:00am we were up and going early to minister at Pastor Deo's church(Director of Prison Fellowship/Rwanda). Pastor Al gave an incredible 20 min message (forty minutes including translation)traveling from Genesis to Revelation - 27 responded to Christ. Today we passed out tracts and walked and talked with locals while we were getting supplies for our time here.
Huge prayer need: Favor from God regarding our schedule and open doors...
So many amazing and "overwhelming" opportunities to see the Spirit of God work...
More to come, pray with us, and then, pray some more!!!
Love all of you,
IRM Team


  1. PRAYING for miracles in the hearts of the people there..... REJOICING already at all HE is doing and going to do!!! LOVE you Arlene! HUGS

  2. We enjoy each report your teams sends out. We are praying for you using the P.U.S.H. strategy. (Pray Until Something Happens)

  3. Am continuing in prayer for the trip and safety. Thanks for the updates. Hugs!