Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 19........

Ministry Partners,

Greetings from Rwanda, the land of 1000 hills and 1000 smiles.

It has been another busy day for the team. In the morning, Alfred, Steve, Kathy, Lovena and Arlene all made a trip into town to exchange US dollars for Rwandan francs, purchase 40 cases (24 bottles ea.) of water and pick up supplies for the Spiritual leaders training.

Some of the team also bought a few souvenirs for family and friends back home. Steve had a brief lesson in "bartering" from Arlene and did quite well. The Rwandans quite enjoy that part of selling their wares. It brings smiles and laughter to all involved.

Once arriving back at Moucecore the team had lunch together and was joined by Pastor Peter, who would be doing ministry with us during the afternoon and Blessing, Alfred's wife, also accompanied us.

IRM held another crusade at a second "Blue Shirt" TIG Camp. These are facilities for paroles who are in transition from prison to their villages and they are doing "community service" before they enter the main stream of life in Rwanda.
The drive there was beautiful as we drove 45 min. over a very steep, dirt, rutted road to the top of a mountain. We passed a number of very small villages that brought the comment from a couple of team members "Looks like a good place for Village evangelism to me",to which everyone heartily agreed.

It is an amazing thing with the amount of poverty here that the children seem as if they are untouched by it. Broad smiles and waving arms are displayed by all of them as we drive by. At one point we made a brief stop and the children were very excited, verbally expressing their excitement, at touching the "white" arm that one of the team members had extended out the window.

The camp Coordinator greeted us warmly and we were amazed to find in the details just how much God had gone before us that we would find favor with this man. It was discovered that both he and Pastor Peter were from the same refugee camp in Uganda!!!!
Now, just what are the chances of that happening?

There are about 240 men and women in this camp and 170 of them attended the crusade. They had been informed we were coming so when we arrived we could hear them singing to the rhythm of two drums. Alfred immediately joined them in their singing and began to lead them in worship.

The Coordinator was quite gracious in his introduction of us and instructed those present to listen to what Arlene had to say followed by staying through the entire service himself.

Arlene introduced the team and Pastor Al opened in prayer, then Pastor Roger shared his testimony. Arlene spoke a message on "Fear" and how making choices out of fear and not trusting God can cause us to make very poor choices for ourselves followed by devastating consequences. She spoke about the nation of Israel, King Uzziah and her personal testimony.
The team was privileged to see the Holy Spirit speak into the hearts of those present as all but 10 received God's free gift of salvation.

Then it was time to hand out the Bibles and Discipleship Booklets that we had brought.
We told them we had plenty and to stay seated while we passed them out. Some smiled so broadly and said "thank you" while some men just wept. Then it was a time to celebrate, to sing and dance giving God praise for this most precious gift. It's really quite a sight to see them clutching their Bibles over their heads and celebrating with such joy.
"Thank You"
to each one of you who donated to the
"Bibles for Rwanda" project.

At the end of the crusade the Coordinator addressed those present stating that he to was impacted by what he heard. That was extremely transparent for some one in his position.

Once outside and standing beside the van getting ready to leave Arlene gathered the women around her and placed a donated scarf and tract into the hands of the women as she "African greeted" each one.
As we drove away from the camp I could not contain the tears of gratitude to the Lord that I felt.

Lovena got some great photos of the beautiful landscape as we descended the mountain.

None of us are used to eating full meals like we do here but once again we were hungry and enjoyed our evening meal together, it must surely be the heat.

We spent some time debriefing and working out some details for tomorrows ministry before saying good night to Pastor Peter, Alfred and Blessing.

We see so many new opportunities and miracles every day that I almost become overwhelmed as I watch God work. His provision and care for us is unmatched.

Tomorrow is Sunday and a full day of ministry for us so I will say bye for now.

That none would be lost,
for the team


  1. Praising Him for all He is doing through each of you! What an incredible experience and journey the Lord has each of you on. Praying!!!! Love you!!!

  2. Thanks for "taking us with you" via your blog posts. What a privilege to be a part of what God is doing there via prayer.