Monday, June 29, 2015

June 28

Ministry Partners,

It seem that there are is not enough time to do all we have been invited to do. We had already added speaking events to our busy itinerary and today we added an additional TIG Camp and yesterday we added another crusade.
Before I came I asked Alfred about doing a crusade at the refugee camp that is here and he felt because of some logistics it would not be possible but yesterday we discovered that one of the Foursquare pastors that has been partnered with IRM is now located there. He invited us to hold a crusade there and said he would write a letter asking for approval and make all the arrangements on his end. I am sure you know how excited I was to have another opportunity to share the Gospel. Some of our partner pastors are already requesting that we do crusades in there churches next year as there now appears absolutely no way we can squeeze any more additional crusades in. 

IRM held our "Welcome Dinner" yesterday evening and it was wonderful to see all our partners  again. We really have become family and as hugs and warm greetings abound it seems like a family reunion instead of  formal dinner. After the pastors arrived we all went into the room where our bibles are stored, laid hands on the boxes and spent some time praying over the bibles God has provided for us to distribute. Hearing them pray as they did over God's written Word was something you just had to be here to appreciate.

Updating everyone on our plans this year

I took a few minutes to share what was on my heart and encouraged them to "stand strong" in the calling God has given them. Alfred gave an update on our efforts to obtain Gov. approval to enter the prisons and other IRM business before having a most tasty meal of meat rolls with gravy, rice, Tilapia, french fries, matooke (green banana), pinto beans, fresh green beans with carrots, baby bananas, pineapple and cookies. A feast it was for sure. After dinner many of the pastors made such positive comments concerning how they felt about working with IRM and me specifically. I was certainly humbled and blessed by their kind words.

I must say that God put just the right team member on this trip. Chad is proving to be invaluable as he has such a servants heart and is always eager to do what is asked of him. His knowledge and help with computer and sound system issues has proved to be an area that the rest of the team needed. He and Alfred have become fast friends and jogging buddies as they go for a run early most every morning.

Today, we went to Pastor Innocent's small Pentecostal church and while he had already gone up the hill some distance to the church we picked up his wife, child and sister. When we arrived it was their worship time and were greeted with singing and beautiful African dancing.
The District pastor was there as well as another Evangelist, who had become blind 20 years ago,  who was given 15 minutes to speak and did a fine job before the pulpit was turned over to me.

I spoke about continuing to make obedient choices and staying under God's "covering" during times of struggles and storms. 29 responded to the invitation and the smile on Chad's face could not have been broader as we passed out a bible to each one. The District pastor said he was available to began partnering with IRM and will attend the crusade we are holding there on the 13th.

Speaking at Pastor Innocent's church

On a sad note, Alfred and I spent some hours counseling with one of our partner couples who are having some challenges. Please pray for softened hearts for J. and C.

In the evening we were able to experience a Rwandan surprise birthday party. Alfred's sister, Gertrude, turned 24 and her husband and Pastor Peter's wife planned it. When Alfred arrived with her we shouted "Surprise" and sang happy birthday followed with throwing water on her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She then was presented a new dress and given her other gifts. We had a wonderful traditional dinner followed by having birthday cake and African tea. Gertrude is as beautiful as Alfred is handsome, it must run in the family as Alfred says his birth mother was very beautiful.

We arrived back where we are staying quite late but it was worth every minute.

That none would be lost,

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