Friday, June 26, 2015

June 26

Ministry Partners,

  Another beautiful day in Rwanda!  This is Chad, posting for Arlene, as she tools around the makeshift home base here.  I don't think I have seen her stop working from the second our feet touched the ground, but those who know Arlene would not be surprised by that comment.  Since I have a few sentences here I thought I would mention Rwanda is a great place to come to if you like people.  When you greet someone and you can't decide if you should shake their hand, hug them or give them a traditional Rwandan greeting (Kiss on the cheek for the ladies and a few pressings of your forehead for the men) here in Rwanda the answer is do all three!!   We were able to run quite a few errands and shrink our giant to-do list down today.

Many shops make quick work
Giants boxes of our drinking water line the walls now and odds and ends have been bought and organized.  Markets are always busy and this one was no exception. 

This little one seemed to enjoy making faces at people passing by.  Mom wasn't too far away.
  Tomorrow is the town clean up day.  All the roads are shut down here on the last Saturday of the month.  You can not drive at all as people are out picking up trash throughout the streets and open areas until noon.  Spike strip are laid out by the police just in case you forget that driving before noon is forbidden.

  Please continue to pray for us in everything we do.  Things are going very well but we always seem to be barely one step ahead of doors shutting behind us and jumping through doors as they are being opened for us.  It's because of that we know that you are all praying for us, thank you.

That none should be lost
Chad Robison, posting for Arlene

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