Sunday, June 21, 2015

June 21 ........

Ministry Partners,

Well, the six months journey of preparations and planning is over as I put the last paperwork in the binder, in the briefcase to go, last night at 10:30. I am so ready to get on the plane tomorrow for the next portion of this journey. All four pieces of luggage have been weighed to only 49 to 49.2 lbs since the airport scales always weigh about 1 lb. heaver than mine. I appreciate the prayer covering for all our luggage to arrive safely and on time in Rwanda.

I have attached the map itinerary for those who do not get a hard copy or email. Please feel free to print it out and pray for us as we minister for three weeks in Rwanda and three weeks in Uganda.

I am often asked why I get so excited when I talk about the time I spend in Africa and I can tell you my answer. It's because God allows us to watch him work in amazing ways in the hearts of those we meet. Villagers and prisoners that want to hear about God's love for them and about His provision of forgiveness of sin through Jesus Christ. Not only are their hearts and lives are changed forever my life has been changed too.

  I appreciate your partnership and continuing prayer covering for our six weeks of ministry in Africa.

Pray for:
  1. A hedge of protection from the enemy for all team members
  2. Open hearts for the Gospel during travel and while in country
  3. Favor with Gov. Officials and everyone we meet
  4. Safety for all our travels, flights and in country
  5. My health
That none would be lost,

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