Friday, September 18, 2009

Greetings Ministry Partners,
The first prison I am scheduled to minister in, this trip, is
Ntsinda Prison.Ntsinda Prison-guard, Alfred Mupenzi, Arlene, Lead prison pastor

This was the first prison I visited in 2006 and this will be my 6th time to minister there. Photos are not allowed, but on my last trip many were praying that I would find favor with the wardens and God answered those prayers as EVERY warden allowed us to take some photos. This guard was about to take Emmanuel's phone/camera (all we had at the time) away from him but he was informed by the warden that we had permission to take photos. With that, he almost pushed Alfred out of the picture to make sure he was included.

Many of the prisoners, almost all murders involved in the 1994 genocide, have lost hope. They feel because of what they have done God has turned his back on them and no longer loves them. They listen intently and when they are faced with the truth of God's Word...that he does indeed hate their sin (and mine), but He showed his love for them , in that Jesus came, suffered, and gave his life as payment for that very sin. And when the Holy Spirit makes God's Word real to them and helps them grasp the fact, that even inside prison walls, God offers them forgiveness through His Son, they a ready to believe and receive God's precious gift of salvation. Only then, can they finally lie down and sleep, in His perfect peace.

"THANK YOU" to each of you ministry partners that have faithfully continued to send and bring ties and scarves to me. All that I am unable to take this trip, I will keep and take next trip, Lord willing. Would you believe I am already making some preporations for the 2010 trip!!!!

One teammate, David Coffman, will be involved with IRM's prison ministry this trip as he has caught my vision for the "Bibles for Rwanda Project." I appreciate all the work, time and effort he and his friend Suzanne have put into helping me with Bible fund-raising. This is the first time IRM has had a teammate so focused on that part of the ministry and he will be overseeing the count of the Bibles and helping me distribute them along with our Rwanda staff and partner, Alfred and Pastor Deo.

This Sunday is our last Sunday before leaving and I will be at my home church, Canby New Life, for first service and will then meet up with David and Suzanne for the Rolling Hills Singles Service. I will try to get a photo of the three of us to post in the next blog.

6 days and counting....................

Blessings on you all as we work together in reaching the lost,

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