Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"16 Days to go - but who's counting - ME !!!!

Dear Ministry Partners,

As the days are quickly approaching for this next trip to Rwanda and I prepare to, once again, enter the
prisons there, I am reminded that:

When all hope is gone:
God steps in with His great mercy.

He has done that in my life and I am compelled to tell others that His wonderful love, grace and mercy is also for them.

This is Ntsinda Prison and there were 11,ooo inmates there. Alfred Mupenzi interprets as I have the privilege of sharing the Gospel message, of God's great love. How important this message is and that they understand Eph.2:8.9, that salvation cannot be earned but rather it is a "free gift" from God. That Jesus paid the huge dept for our sin, a dept we could never pay !!!! This is the first prison I visited in 2006 and since then, the Holy Spirit has allowed me to witness Him speak into the hearts of those prisoners, bringing them to saving knowledge in Jesus and adding 1,000's of their names to the Lamb's Book of Life.

A recent comment by IRM Operations Supervisor, Alfred Mupenzi:
"Life behind prison walls is not always what it seems. Rwandan prisons are full of men and women who now have broken, shattered lives and dreams. Each day that passes pushes them further from humanity, as they struggle within the prison walls, to
maintain their sanity."

Previously, I have done 11 prison visits to 4 prisons and God has provided that I will not only revisit them but will have opportunity to minister in 4 new prisons, one by special invitation from the warden. I am thankful to the government of Rwanda and the gracious wardens for giving me permission to enter the prisons and share the "Gospel" freely.

Words cannot express how excited I am to go, just to observe what God has designed and what He will do this trip.

My prayer list remains the same:
  • The Holy Spirit would prepare the hearts of the Rwandan people for the "Gospel" and the "Forgive Your Enemies" messages
  • What we plant, water and harvest will have positive results for God's kingdom
  • The IRM team and I would find GREAT favor with the wardens and everyone we have the privilege to meet and work with
  • God would open many unscheduled doors of opportunity
  • The Holy Spirit would give me wisdom, courage and clarity of mind as I prepare my messages now and when I actually speak in Rwanda
  • The team would have safe air and in-country travel
  • The team would stay healthy now, while in Rwanda and for my personal health needs
Thank you for your continuing prayers.

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