Saturday, August 13, 2016

Aug.13, 2016 ………. Betty, Alfred’s friend from childhood

Ministry Partners,

Today, we needed to have breakfast and then quickly get into the van and head for downtown Kampala to finish our banking needs before they closed at noon.

Along the way we picked up a woman who was in the refugee camp and went to school with Alfred from Kindergarten through Seventh grade. Her name is Betty and she is now a Catholic nun. Betty is such a sweet person with a smile and laughter that will steal your heart, I so liked her, especially when we ganged up on Alfred to tease him. After leaving the bank I handed out scarves and tracts as the three of us walked along, it was such fun!

Arlene & Betty

After our banking needs were taken care of Betty took us to a Catholic hostel and a Catholic guest house just for ideas of where we might stay next year, if need be. I have been unhappy with the stay we have been staying at in Kampala so now we have some other ideas. In Rwanda, we stayed every year that we traveled to Butare in a Catholic Guest House and it was lovely, clean and quiet with good food so I had been hoping for a couple of years to find one here. 

I was able to gift Betty with a beautiful white donated shawl before she left us and Alfred found a shady spot to park and finish the government report so he could take it to get it printed. We could then get a copy to the Commissioner of Prisons before we leave. It is something we have done every year and I still remember how shocked they were the first year when we presented them with a copy at the end of that trip, they carefully looked through each page.

Pastor Geoffrey arrived and kept me company as Alfred went to get the report printed. Over an hour later Alfred returned and as he waited for the document to get printer he also ordered a couple pizzas, one got immediately quickly eaten. We stopped and made reservations at another restaurant for a farewell dinner with partners for tomorrow evening.

Then Geoffrey left for home and we headed for our hotel to do the final bookkeeping for finances. I had so much to do, packing my suitcases and getting a few supplies ready for storage as tomorrow morning we do ministry in our last prison and then with the evening dinner there is no time to do packing tomorrow. Needless I am dragging my feet; it’s so hard to leave! 

We enjoyed the pizza and a fresh pineapple Alfred bought for dinner and I am now finishing this post for the blog.

Please pray concerning tomorrow:

  • An unusual outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of the prisoners 
  • A fresh anointing for the team

Thank you partners for faithfully praying.

That none would be lost,

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