Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Aug. 9………… Leaving Kenya

Ministry Partners,

It was hard to realize when I awoke this morning that I will be leaving Kenya and in 6 days I will be leaving Africa altogether. The time has been brief but the fact finding we intended to do here in Kenya has been just that, finding out what needs to be done for future church and prison ministry here if God brings me back next year. I will miss Heart Lodge as it has been a nice place to stay and I would stay here again. But I will not miss the cold weather here; I had to smile yesterday as Pastor Joseph was wearing a full length heavy wool coat, a surprising turn of events for Aug. in Kenya.

Today at breakfast we had a very/informative talk with Foursquare Missionary Humberto Paz about ministry in Kenya and “Auntie” Clara joined us for a discussion concerning fundraising. I was asked a couple of time this year before I came, “What is the hardest part of what you do?” and my answer was always the same, fundraising

                  The view from my window at Heart Lodge when I started writing this post.

Pastor Joseph called about 9:30 and said he was sending a man to take us to the airport at 11:30 but I was already packed. When you live out of your suitcase you are pretty much ready to go at the drop of a hat.

Our driver arrived at 11:30 and we were off to the airport but we went through two of Nairobi’s slums on the way and got caught in some traffic so we were happy we had left early for our 3:45 flight. When we arrived at 1:30 at the outskirts of the airport we had to exit the car and walk through a security screening building as the car was checked and then drove through to pick us up on the other side.

After checking in we were told that our flight had been delayed until 4 so we went for a bite of lunch.

At 4 o’clock we did take off and arrived in Entebbe at 5:10 to be picked up by Aaron and Geoffrey just in time for the 5 o’clock traffic which is not that much worse than regular traffic. It is not that far but we did not arrive at our hotel home until 8:45 followed by a quick dinner and bed.

I am thankful we will have a later start tomorrow with breakfast at 9 and then to town to run some errands.
That none would be lost,

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  1. I'm thankful your journeys went well. Traffic anywhere can be a problem no matter where one travels. Blessings and prayers!