Tuesday, June 13, 2017

June 13 -

Ministry Partners,

It's hard to believe I have been home five days but it was great to be at New Life Church and Rolling Hills Community Church Singles this last Sunday to see some of you and sleeping in my own bed has not been bad either!

I have started sorting some of the 2,500 - 3,000 photos to use in my power points as well as working on a report for New Life pastors and Church Council and then there is a newsletter that I need to get out to all of you.

So many of you have told me to get some rest but there are so many details that need to be done to finalize this 2017 trip.

I have something very special to share with you.
In case you did not read my post from May 7, I shared with you about the following Ordination/Coronation of a Bishop that I attended. Now I will share the details as follows:

Today was a VERY long but ever so interesting a day. From 10am until 6pm about 300 guests were able to witness the Coronation/ Ordination service of a Bishop, I’m not sure what one is like in the states but I can tell you the Ugandan people and those from the neighboring countries of Sudan, Kenya and Rwanda made it a celebration to remember. There was a worship time to begin and then there were speakers from each country and then a delicious buffet meal was served about 2pm. That was followed by testimonials, a pastor singer and dancers from Kenya and pastor singers from Rwanda ending with a prayer over and a short speech by the new Bishop who was thereafter referred to as Reverend Bishop and that's me!
Pastors from Uganda, Sudan, Kenya & Rwanda pray over me
Pastors Pauline, John & Arlene
Foursquare Rev. Bishop John & Foursquare Rev. Bishop Arlene

These men & women pastors traveled from Rwanda for my ordination
 Before closing the festivities Foursquare Bishop John and the new Reverend Bishop cut a beautiful 4 tiered cake that was quite delicious. Once cut the cake was "chopped" in pieces piled onto a plate with it then passed for everyone to take a piece of until the plate was empty, when another full plate was ready and continued to pass to those eagerly waiting.

The  Ordination/Corination Cake made by Uganda Foursquare
Bishop John Kamanzi's wife, Pastor Pauline
Those of you who personally know me know that I am not big on titles but the African Pastors, Gov. Officials, prisoners and villagers that I meet are. So with approval from my covering pastor, Ron Swor,  I gave my approval for the pastors in Africa to go ahead with my ordination as Bishop.
I am just sure that God has a sense of humor!
And just to make you smile, here is how I introduced myself for the remainder of the ministry trip:
Good Morning/Evening, I am Rev. Bishop Arlene Tatum, but I have other names, in Rwanda they call me Mechumesa (women of honor), in Uganda - Victorious and in Kenya - Blessing, but the name that holds a special place in my heart is Mama Alfred and then I introduce Alfred as my adopted son followed by introducing the rest of the team.
This introduction always brings huge smiles and a round of applause.

I want to address something with those of you who took the time and actually commented on this blog or on my fb page or the IRM fb page. I really don't have the words to tell you what it meant to me to read your comments and see that you were praying when I was so sick, had a delayed flight or there was an attack of the enemy trying to take the teams and my focus off what God had called us to do and on to our circumstances. You cannot possibly imagine how your comments were so encouraging and like a sweet balm to my heart, I felt comforted.

I made you aware, before I left for Africa, of my current medical need and I will keep you informed of any developments as I find out. Although this blog will now close until the 2018 Mission Trip gears up I will be posting on  the two fb pages.

That none would be lost,


  1. What a wonderful earthly event to mirror the heavenly one!

  2. Quite the ending story of your trip, Arlene! Congratulations and I'm so thankful you were honored at Rev Bishop Arlene! Lovely purple cake as well! God bless and will get in touch with you soon!