Monday, June 5, 2017

June 5

Ministry Partners,

 It was nice eating breakfast today with Moses, Edward, Aaron and Alfred, five at the table meant not only conversation but much laughter.
Then we were off to the women's prison called, Eldoret Women's Prison. I really enjoy ministering in the women's prisons so today was also a blessing to me. We were so graciously welcomed and I could hear the women singing as we walked toward the  medium sized building filled wall to wall with smiling faces. We followed our same format and again watched the Holy Spirit work in the hearts of the inmates and officers. It's such a thrilling thing to see. After the invitation for salvation I asked one of the inmates who had accepted Christ to help me with the discipleship portion of our time together. It seems she was originally a "lifer" but now her sentence has been reduced. Her face told the story of a changed heart and she was so animated in helping me that the other inmates laughed and when I gave her a bible, hugged and kissed her on the cheek the room erupted again in laughter and clapping.

A new beginning

Once again the "Forgiveness" portion was a powerful one with inmates and officers responding. The Deputy O.C. spoke as we ended our time and said how they all needed to hear the message of forgiveness. She  thanked us for coming and asked us to please come again.

The O.C., Beatrice, invited us to her office and there we found something that has only happened one other time since I have been doing ministry. She had African tea and Chapattis prepared for us. She walked to our van with us and invited us to return anytime and asked us to promise about next year. I told her we would make it a matter of prayer and see what God would do. Then I  told her it was too bad that we could not get into the prisons after dark as we were involved with the Jesus Film Project  and I was sure the ladies would enjoy the 2 hr. film. Then God did another miracle as we found GREAT favor with her ....... she said we could come after dark and show it!!!  No prison ever allows anyone into the prisons after dark ........ but God!!!!

After leaving we went to a local restaurant and sat with Edward and Moses, the Commandant over 34 prisons to discuss getting a permit to enter unlimited prisons next year if God brings us back.
It's hard to believe that this was the last scheduled crusade of this missions trip.We left Eldoret at 4:15 for the 5 1/2 - 6 hr. drive to Nairobi.

About two hours into our trip, I was working on this blog, when I looked up only to see the grill of an approaching van almost in our grill. He was passing on a curve when he should not have been. All I had time to say was, "Please Jesus!" as I closed my eyes because I was sure we were going to be in a head on. Other than the hand of God being around our van and Aaron holding the wheel still and not trying to swerve, I have no idea how we came through without even a scratch. About 5 minutes down the road we saw this:
Thank you Jesus that this was not us
   If you have not believed me before please know ....... YOUR PRAYERS MATTER!!!!!!!!!

 It's hard to believe that this was the last scheduled crusade of this missions trip and in three more days I will be back in America.  I just must say I am NOT ready to leave!

I am going to try and post this from the van while we are traveling as I will arrive in Nairobi late.

That none would be lost,


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