Saturday, June 3, 2017

June 3

Ministry Partners,
Good morning from Kitali, Kenya.
As I arrived for breakfast in the dining area there was the young man who helped us last night when we had had the flat tire but this time he was in a sparkling white chef’s outfit, hat and all. He was making the omelet of your choice and helping with the toaster!
Tire changer, Chef now Christian

After Alfred spoke with him it was evident why we got a flat last night and in the particular area where this young man was walking home. He said he had been a M…… all his life but he was going to become a Christian and he was calling Pastor Ben to discuss it. The Bible and Discipleship booklet had been such an encouragement to him.

Itineraries and plans continue to change rapidly here as it did today. We first went to the women’s prison here then we went to the men’s. Chaplin Edward came to take us to two prisons and at both prisons, it was such a blessing to hear a few of the inmates speak about what the Gospel and forgive messages meant to their hearts and how they had chosen today to forgive and NOT take revenge. A couple of the men inmates stated how they had been in prison for a number of years and yet their father and mother had never come to see them and today they forgave them.

As we walked from the speaking area at the men’s prison, I noticed an area that was secured with open checked wire. Chaplin Edward told us later that maximum-security prisoners were kept there and perhaps next time we should go there…….I agreed. He also told us that Kapenguria Prison, where I was last year, called him and wanted to know when I would be there today. He said he had to tell them that I was not coming, maybe next year. Was that an invitation I heard????

Chaplin Edward took us to a third prison but due to a sudden down poor and us arriving a bit late, they could not allow us entrance but they would allow us to come tomorrow morning.  I originally asked for two prisons but God has opened the doors to 5. So it was decided that we would do that and then travel to Eldorate and speak at a prison there, delay our journey to Nairobi and stay overnight in Eldorate. The next morning we will go to another prison in the area and then proceed to Nairobi.

Whew …… have you caught your breath yet?

Chaplin Edward, Pastor Ben and another Chaplin had dinner with us tonight and we discussed the remainder of our time with then, the Jesus Film project equipment and 2018, the way forward.
Edward said he would be here to take us to the prison at 7:45 tomorrow so I have to get everything packed tonight which means that is all for today.

We are watching God move in such a powerful way, please continue to pray for open hearts for the Gospel and travel safety

That none would be lost,

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  1. Isn't it interesting that sometimes flat tires ARE God's plan rather than obscuring God's plan! Rom 8:28!